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Post  Jeremy on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:40 pm

-Bag Tag Challenge
Objective - to obtain the lowest numbered bag tag
Tags act as entry into raffle drawing at tournament

-Any player that possesses a tag may challenge players with lower numbers, this can be done by any means and the challenged player should arrange a time to play the challenging player, if the challenge can’t be played within a week then both players should wait and are available for other challenges
-When players have agreed upon a challenge they are unavailable to compete with other members unless it is an Automatic Challenge.
-The player in the challenge with the lowest score wins the lowest numbered bag tag

Automatic Challenges-Automatic challenges take place at any club held event. Any players on a card / group exchange tags at the end of the round based on lowest score takes lowest tag.
-Automatic challenges don’t need to be announced, they are automatic!

Casual Challenges-During any casual round where more than one player possesses a tag the player with the higher tag number may challenge the lower. The player with the lower tag number must accept

Forfeiture-Players that are participating in the bag tag challenge will be required to surrender their tag if any of the following are found – Purposefully concealing his/her tag or leaving it at home, Refusing to compete in Automatic Challenges, Denying bag tag access to other holders (This includes avoiding challenges purposefully)
Leaderboard will be kept available for players to know who has top 20 tags


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